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Below are links to the best and most profitable high payout highest paying 2-tier affiliate programs we have found to date on the Internet.  These programs offer high commissions generated by sales linked to your Web site and excellent secondary commissions from sites who sign up through you (called sub-affiliates). Even if you don't have a lot of traffic to your site, it's wise to join these top 2-tier programs because they generate income from other Web pages you refer.

LivEcofriendly - 2 Tier Program

Sell eco friendly products including solar powered devices and Green products and earn 12% commission on direct sales and 3% on 2nd tier sales. Click for Information.

Tyent USA Ionized Water Filter Products - 2 Tier Program

Earn 25% commission for each Water Ionizer filter sale referred from your site. Commisions start at $625 per sale. Also, earn 10% commission on 2nd tier sales. Click for Information.

Internet Marketing Center

I highly recommend this 2-tier affiliate program.  Internet Marketing Center sells several business related courses including the Internet Marketing Course which pays a $65 commission and $20 for the 2nd tier,  AssocTRAC which pays $165 commission and $45 for the 2nd tier, plus Secrets to Their Success, eBook  Pro, Mailloop and more.  I've been getting commissions from this course every month since signing up.  Click to Sign Up.

VMC Satellite

VMC Satellite offers free Dish Network Satellite Systems with lots of accessories and free installation.  This is a 3-tier affiliate program that offers $50 for each installed satellite system referred from your site, $15 for each system installed from sites that you referred and $10 for the 3rd tier. This has proven to be one of my best paying programs; and if you only have space for a few, this program is a must! because it pays.  They make it easy to generate commissions because lots of people want a digital satellite dish, and it's free.  Click to Sign Up.

Mirafit fbcx Weight Loss

Mirafit fbcx is the naturally occurring soluble fiber for weight loss. It is the only product known to bind and eliminate nine times its own weight in dietary fat.  This two-tier pay per sale program returns 40% of the purchase price to the affiliate, typically $25-$50, with no ceiling. Click to Sign Up. 

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